The Tale of Bartelby O’Boyle

Long ago, there was a clever man by the name of Bartelby O’Boyle. As a boy, he was kept as a slave by the royal family. He saw other children play, but he always had to work. This frustrated him very much. But he was not stupid, and he wanted to change things.

Then one day there was a struggle for authority in the kingdom. There was a division of the people, and one group fought against another group to see which would govern the kingdom. There was disorder in the kingdom. Bartelby ran away. He saw much fighting and destruction. Many people had nothing to eat; Bartelby decided to aid them. He would help them get food. But how?

Bartelby went to the capital to find an answer. There, he met a man named Gilliam. A group of men attempted to hurt Gilliam. Bartelby defended him. Then, he gave Gilliam some food to relieve his hunger. After that, the two became friends. They took food from the rich and gave it to the poor.

Soon, other people cooperated with them. Working together enabled them to take more food. But they only took food from people who had plenty, and they always gave it to those who had none. Because of this, Bartleby gained a reputation across the kingdom. Even today, many people admire him for helping the poor.

To admire someone is to like them for what they do.
I admire my brother for his hard work.

To aid someone is to help them when they need something.
The doctor aided the boy after his accident.

To attempt something is to try to do that thing.
I am attempting to learn English.

Authority is the power that someone has because of their position.
The policeman has authority on the streets.

A capital is an important city where a country’s leaders live and work.
We will visit the capital to learn about our government.

To cooperate is to work together to do something.
The students cooperated to clean up the classroom.

To defend someone or something is to protect them from attack.
The soldiers defended the town from the invaders.

Destruction is damage to something so bad that it can’t be fixed.
After the big fire, there was much destruction in the city.

The disorder is a lack of order or a complete mess.
The teacher’s desk had many papers in disorder.

A division is an act of making smaller groups out of a larger one.
The chart had six divisions which all had different colours.

To enable a person is to make it possible for them to do something.
Having the key enabled us to open the door.

To frustrate is to prevent someone from fulfilling their desire.
The machine frustrated me because I could not fix it.

To govern is to control the public business of a country, state, or city.
The United States is governed by the White House.

To have plenty of something is to have more than you need.
The school had plenty of books for the students to read.

To relieve someone is to make them feel less pain.
The medicine relieved the sick boy.

Reputation is the opinion that people have about someone.
The doctor had a reputation for helping people.

Royal describes something that belongs to a king or queen.
The king sat upon the royal throne.

A slave is a person who is not free and must work for someone else.
The slave worked very hard all day long.

To struggle is to fight against someone or something.
The kids struggled with each other for the toy.

When someone is stupid, they lack intelligence.
He said something stupid that made everyone angry at him.



A long time ago, I had my first job. It didn’t give me much of an income. It was on a giant pirate ship. On my first night, there was a thick fog over the water. A lamp on the ship revealed an enormous man. He had a sword in his belt. His name was Blackbeard, and he was one of the most violent pirates ever.

One day, Blackbeard did an extraordinary thing. He attacked several ships near a town. He took some of the town’s citizens. Then he declared, “You give me medicine!” Blackbeard wanted the medicine for some of the sick pirates on his ship.

The people had a bad impression of him. They were mad, and they resisted. But they were trapped. They wanted to get rid of him. So the town council decided to give him the medicine.

After this, there was a reward for catching Blackbeard. If Blackbeard was caught, he would have a trial. He didn’t want to go to jail, so he quit being a pirate.

Blackbeard became a fisherman. But he ought to have stayed on land. The Royal Navy was still looking for him. They attacked him while he was fishing on his boat. Blackbeard fought against many men. Finally, he was killed. He didn’t even get a funeral. But people still tell tales about him many years later.

A citizen is someone who lives in a certain town or city.
Carlos was born in Spain. He is a Spanish citizen.

A council is a group of people who run a city or town.
The council met to discuss the new laws for the city.

To declare is to say something officially.
I declared my love for him.

When people or things are enormous, they are very large.
My dog looks enormous next to yours.

When someone or something is extraordinary, they are amazing.
The fireman who rescued the girl was extraordinary.

Fog is a thick cloud that is near the ground or water.
I did not want to drive in the thick fog.

A funeral is a ceremony that takes place after a person dies.
They had a funeral for the soldier who died during the war.

When people or things are giant, they are very big.
The giant truck got in my way.

An impression is a way of thinking about someone or something.
Most people’s first impression of Dr Giani is that he is mean.

Income is how much money a person or business makes.
Her company pays her a fairly good income.

When someone is mad, they are angry.
Mother got mad when I didn’t listen to her.

If someone ought to do something, then it is the right thing to do.
I ought to take my library books back.

To resist something is to fight against it.
He resisted the treatment at the hospital.

To reveal is to show something.
I will reveal where I hid the candy bar.

To rid is to make a place free from something or someone.
We rid our home of mice by using traps.

A sword is a long sharp weapon.
They used to use swords in battles in ancient times.

A tale is a story.
She told her two friends about the wild tale of her day.

To trap people or animals is to capture them so they cannot get away.
We trapped butterflies in a net.

A trial is a way a court discovers if a person is guilty or innocent.
He went on trial for robbing the bank.

When people are violent, they want to hurt someone.
The man was put into jail because he was violent.


The Lucky Knife

I’ve devoted my life to studying past generations. Last year, I had a unique chance to work with my uncle. Our job was to find old treasures for a school’s history foundation. He also hired a crew of students. They signed a contract to work with him. He was the boss. The place was strange, though. I dined on many things that I had never tasted before. They had an unusual flavor.


Words for problems and solutions

CD1 Track 32

1- As I was getting into the car I saw the crack in the windscreen. I have no idea how it happened, but it’s going to be expensive to repair.

2- My grandmother’s feeling poorly and lost her appetite. I’m afraid she’s not as strong as she used to be, but I don’t know what I can do to help.


The Clever Thief

A new king inherited a lot of gold. He loved his gold very much. He even wanted to keep it after he died. Therefore, he had a large tomb built for himself and his riches.



CD1 Track 28

1- Surprisingly, the prime minister has been elected for a second term.

2- Interestingly, more young people voted in this election than in the previous one.

3- Absolutely! I’d love to return to Africa some day.


Etymology 0401


Prince Sam

Sam’s mother cooked at the royal palace. One day, he went to work with her. She emphasized that he should stay in the kitchen. But Sam was bored. Thus, he decided to look around.He went around a corner. It shocked him to see a boy who had a strong likeness to him. Sam soon recovered. The other boy stared at him. Then he spoke. “Come with me.”


Words expressing similarity and difference

CD1 Track 25

1- Victor and Vincent are identical twins.

2- Boys and girls rarely think alike.

3- We enjoy watching a diverse range of films.

4- Psychiatry and psychology are two distinct disciplines.

5- The average cost of a house today is equivalent to six years’ average annual salary.

6- The minister was sacked for expressing views that were contrary to those of the government.

7- The majority of female respondents reported spending more on sugary snacks; conversely,the majority of male respondents said they had spent more on savoury snacks.

8- People who do similar work should receive comparable rates of pay.


Etymology 0107