Drama and Movies

The Last of US (s01e02)

After ending Episode 1, ‘When You’re Lost in the Darkness’, with Joel and Tess discovering that Ellie is infected, and potentially immune, Episode 2, ‘Infected’, sees the two adults coming to terms with what this means, while Ellie is exposed to the dangerous nature of the virus in the world outside the Quarantine Zone.

Drama and Movies

The Pirates of the Caribbean (2006)

Captain Jack Sparrow seeks the heart of Davy Jones, a mythical pirate, in order to avoid being enslaved to him. However, others, including his friends Will and Elizabeth, want it for their own gain.


The Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)

Pirates of the Caribbean is an American fantasy supernatural swashbuckler film series produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and based on Walt Disney’s theme park attraction of the same name. The film series serves as a major component of the eponymous media franchise. To learn better and more from this movie, read the questions and then try to find the answers while watching this fantastic film.


Noun phrases describing character

My sister goes to bed at exactly 10.30 every night; she’s a creature of habit. a creature of habit a person who likes to do the same thing at the same time on a regular basis.

Most of the group are very quiet – we need a live wire like Jez to get us talking. a live wire a person who is lively and full of energy and enthusiasm.

Drama and Movies

The Last of Us

(Season 01, Episode 01) When You’re Lost in the Darkness

You can watch or download it here or here.

Drama and Movies

Lion (2016)


A year!

If you’d learned at least 2 words a day, you would have added 728 new ones to your memory in a year and if you’d practised listening strategies for only 5 minutes a day, your listening skills would have improved as much as 1820 minutes.

Join us on the journey of Learning English.


I can describe ways of saying things

Sample Sentences:

My headteacher treats me like a child: she’s always talking down to me. I shouldn’t have mentioned Paul’s girlfriend; I think I put my foot in it. Meg gets things across clearly – and she’s the only person who talks sense around here.



از زمانی که شروع به یادگیری زبان انگلیسی کردم با گرامر مشکلات زیادی داشتم. چیزی که الان در مورد کلاسم بیشتر دوست دارم این است که در آن گرامر به روشی خلاقانه و متقاوت آموزش داده می‌شود. در واقع، این دوره نه تنها دانش من را بهبود بخشیده، بلکه آن را نیزسازماندهی کرده است. معمولاً شرکت در کلاس زبان انگلیسی خسته‌ام می کند، اما کلاس آقای عظیمی تشویقم می کند که ادامه بدهم و واقعاً از زحمات ایشان قدردانی می کنم. (آندیا)

آندیا با من در کلاس نفوذ به زبان (یا گرامر کاربردی) همراه بود

Leo Azimi

The Tale of Bartelby O’Boyle

Long ago, there was a clever man by the name of Bartelby O’Boyle. As a boy, he was kept as a slave by the royal family. He saw other children play, but he always had to work. This frustrated him very much. But he was not stupid, and he wanted to change things.

Then one day there was a struggle for authority in the kingdom. There was a division of the people, and one group fought against another group to see which would govern the kingdom. There was disorder in the kingdom. Bartelby ran away. He saw much fighting and destruction. Many people had nothing to eat; Bartelby decided to aid them. He would help them get food. But how?

Bartelby went to the capital to find an answer. There, he met a man named Gilliam. A group of men attempted to hurt Gilliam. Bartelby defended him. Then, he gave Gilliam some food to relieve his hunger. After that, the two became friends. They took food from the rich and gave it to the poor.

Soon, other people cooperated with them. Working together enabled them to take more food. But they only took food from people who had plenty, and they always gave it to those who had none. Because of this, Bartleby gained a reputation across the kingdom. Even today, many people admire him for helping the poor.

To admire someone is to like them for what they do.
I admire my brother for his hard work.

To aid someone is to help them when they need something.
The doctor aided the boy after his accident.

To attempt something is to try to do that thing.
I am attempting to learn English.

Authority is the power that someone has because of their position.
The policeman has authority on the streets.

A capital is an important city where a country’s leaders live and work.
We will visit the capital to learn about our government.

To cooperate is to work together to do something.
The students cooperated to clean up the classroom.

To defend someone or something is to protect them from attack.
The soldiers defended the town from the invaders.

Destruction is damage to something so bad that it can’t be fixed.
After the big fire, there was much destruction in the city.

The disorder is a lack of order or a complete mess.
The teacher’s desk had many papers in disorder.

A division is an act of making smaller groups out of a larger one.
The chart had six divisions which all had different colours.

To enable a person is to make it possible for them to do something.
Having the key enabled us to open the door.

To frustrate is to prevent someone from fulfilling their desire.
The machine frustrated me because I could not fix it.

To govern is to control the public business of a country, state, or city.
The United States is governed by the White House.

To have plenty of something is to have more than you need.
The school had plenty of books for the students to read.

To relieve someone is to make them feel less pain.
The medicine relieved the sick boy.

Reputation is the opinion that people have about someone.
The doctor had a reputation for helping people.

Royal describes something that belongs to a king or queen.
The king sat upon the royal throne.

A slave is a person who is not free and must work for someone else.
The slave worked very hard all day long.

To struggle is to fight against someone or something.
The kids struggled with each other for the toy.

When someone is stupid, they lack intelligence.
He said something stupid that made everyone angry at him.