The Clever Thief

A new king inherited a lot of gold. He loved his gold very much. He even wanted to keep it after he died. Therefore, he had a large tomb built for himself and his riches.

However, the tomb’s builder had a plan. Most of the stones were solid, but he put one special stone on the roof. It was made of a lighter substance.

When the tomb was done, the king moved in his stock of gold. One night, the builder went to the tomb. His excitement mounted. Because all the stones looked alike, he had left a distinct mark on the artificial block. The mark helped him distinguish the difference in the architecture.

The builder lifted the stone. Using a chain, he climbed into the tomb. He filled his pockets with gold.

The builder followed this manner night after night. Soon, the king noticed a shortage in his gold. This annoyed the king.

At last he hired a guard to hide inside the tomb. When the builder entered the tomb, the guard wounded him. He climbed a pole to the roof. The builder left drops of blood in the dust. The guard followed them and caught him.

When the builder healed, he explained to the king that he didn’t keep any of the gold. He had given it all away to the poor.


Reference: Collins Vocabulary for IELTS

Focus on vocabulary EEW02U23

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