Prince Sam

Sam’s mother cooked at the royal palace. One day, he went to work with her. She emphasized that he should stay in the kitchen. But Sam was bored. Thus, he decided to look around.He went around a corner. It shocked him to see a boy who had a strong likeness to him. Sam soon recovered. The other boy stared at him. Then he spoke. “Come with me.”

He needed to be rational. But he couldn’t deny that he wanted to go. So he followed the boy to a chamber. “ I am Prince Bertram,” the boy said. Sam felt shy talking to a prince. “I’m Sam.”Trade places with me. The prince said.“We can’t. My mother will kill me. Moreover, I don’t know anything about being a prince. ”No one will find out,” the prince interrupted. “We look the same, and even our gestures are the same. It will only last for a week. ”Sam said OK. Soon, Sam’s perspective on being a prince changed. He spent most of his day signing royal documents. At night, the prince’s chamber was cold. He thought he was going to freeze or get sick with a fever or the flu. He was happy when the week ended. So was the prince.

I didn’t know how to do anything,the prince said. “ I’ve always relied on my servants to do everything for me. I think I like being a regular person,Sam said.Being a prince isn’t fun.” So, they both returned to their normal positions and enjoyed their lives more than before.


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Reference: Collins Vocabulary for IELTS

Focus on vocabulary EEW02U16

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