The Lucky Knife

I’ve devoted my life to studying past generations. Last year, I had a unique chance to work with my uncle. Our job was to find old treasures for a school’s history foundation. He also hired a crew of students. They signed a contract to work with him. He was the boss. The place was strange, though. I dined on many things that I had never tasted before. They had an unusual flavor.

We had been there about a month and hadn’t found anything. One day, I began to dig in the soil. The ground’s layers got wetter. Soon I was digging in the mud. My shovel began to get very heavy. It felt like it had doubled in weight because the ground had absorbed a lot of water.

Finally, I saw something in the mud. It was an old knife! The handle felt smooth in my hand. I elevated it so I could see it better. There was writing on it.

“It says it will bring good luck,” my uncle said with a smile. “Why don’t you keep it?”

I put it in my tent. The next day, we found many more things. There were pots, jewelry and weapons. My uncle donated all of the things to a special committee. Many newspapers wrote stories about it. It seemed the knife really did bring good luck!


Reference: Collins Vocabulary for IELTS

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