Noun phrases describing character

My sister goes to bed at exactly 10.30 every night; she’s a creature of habit. a creature of habit a person who likes to do the same thing at the same time on a regular basis.

Most of the group are very quiet – we need a live wire like Jez to get us talking. a live wire a person who is lively and full of energy and enthusiasm.

We could do with a bright spark here to bring in new ideas. 2 IRONIC= a person who has done sth stupid. Some bright spark left the door unlocked! How stupid. a bright spark INF 1) a lively and intelligent person. 2) IRONIC= a person who has done sth stupid.

She always asks Dad for help with cash because
she knows he’s a soh touch. a soft touch INF a person from whom you can easily get ‘money because they are kind or easy to deceive.

I don’t know if Ash would be right for the job; he’s a bit of an unknown quantity. an unknown quantity a person or thing whose qualities are abilities are not yet known.

Mrs Andrews runs the business and people think she’s the salt of the earth. Drug dealers are the scum of the earth. the salt of the earth a good, reliable, honest person. OPP the scum of the earth INF, INSULTING a person or group considered to be extremely unpleasant or evil.

He’s tough, ambitious, and he’s nobody’s fool – he’s our best hope as a manager. nobody’s fool a person who is too clever to be tricked by other people. SYN no fool.

I hate dealing with Rupert; he’s a nasty piece of work. a nasty piece of work a person who is unpleasant, unkind, or dishonest.

He’s a bit of a cold fish. He hardly ever speaks to us or even smiles. a cold fish DISAPPROVIN G a person who shows little
emotion or seems unfriendly.

If he said he would help you, I’m sure he will; he’s a man of his word. a man/woman of his/her word a person who always does what he/she has promised to do.