yet or still

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I have still not received the glasses and repeated telephone calls to your office have had no result…
I am working like crazy – still, a lot to do around the house.
He’s 85. Yet he still takes care of the farm.
Are you still looking for work?
Though Scotland has a tradition of dialect literature which is still very much alive.
Many people still believe this.
A hundred years ago this was still a mistake; now it is the normal use.
He’s twelve, but he actually still believes in Father Christmas.
‘Is Jack any better?’ ‘No different. Still very ill.’
Are you still at the same address?
She has come and is still here.
He’s still under 18.
Are you still reading the paper?’ ‘No, I’ve finished.’
He left her ten years ago, but even now she still loves him.
I’m still waiting for him to pay me back that money.
Sam’s still around. I saw him just last week.
I’ve been married to you for 25 years and I still don’t understand you.
He’s seven years old and he still can’t tell the time.
Are you still seeing that Henderson woman?
See if that suit still fits you.
‘What are you doing?’ ‘I’m smelling the meat to see if it’s still OK.’
She’s still asleep.
Is it still raining?
I ’ve been thinking for hours, but I still can’t decide.
You’re not still seeing that Jackson boy, are you?
he still hasn’t got a job.
I still can’t speak Russian, after all these years of study.
I went to see if she had woken up yet, but she was still asleep. This was embarrassing because her friends had already arrived.
We have yet to hear from the bank. (= We are still waiting to hear… .)
We’re still awaiting instructions.

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