Who is Jackson Pollock?

Teri Horton, a 60-year-old lady from Lo Angeles, went shopping in San  Bernardino, a town in California, USA. She was in a charity shop when she saw a colourful, modern painting. She bought it for $5.

An art teacher saw the painting and said it was by the American artist, Jackson Pollock. ‘Who is Jackson Pollock?’ said Teri. She had no idea that he was a very famous modern painter. Many art experts came to her house to see the painting.  Some said that it wasn’t a ‘Pollock’, but one expert, Peter PauJ flir6, found Pollock’s fingerprint on the back. Bir6 said, ‘This is a real Pollock painting’.

the rich businessman was happy to pay 9 million for it, but Teri said: ‘No! I want 50 million.’

In 2007, a Canadian TV company made a film about Teri and the painting. it is now for sale in an art gallery in Toronto. Price: S50 million!

Paul Jackson Pollock
(January 28, 1912 – August 11, 1956)

Reference: New Headway 4th Edition

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