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On this page, we focus on some Terms, Grammar tips, Etymology Analysis, Proverbs, idioms, Slang, Sayings, Quotes, Patterns, Pet Phrases, Topics, Articles, Letters, Music and Drama.

martial art /ˈmɑːʃəl ɑːt/
Karate /kəˈrɑːti/
taekwondo /taɪˈkwɒndəʊ/
judo /ˈdʒuːdəʊ/
kung fu /ˌkʌŋ ˈfuː/
wushu /ˈwuːʃu/
ninja /ˈnɪndʒə/

kickboxing /ˈkɪkˌbɒksɪŋ/
boxing /ˈbɒksɪŋ /

parkour /pɑːˈkʊə/ SYN freerunning /ˈfriːrʌnɪŋ/

kickboxing /ˈkɪkˌbɒksɪŋ/
boxing /ˈbɒksɪŋ /

parkour /pɑːˈkʊə/ SYN freerunning /ˈfriːrʌnɪŋ/

I wish her to call me tomorrow.
I wish you would stop smoking.
We all wish (that) the snow would stay forever.

I wish she would come
I wish she were (was) here
Don’t you wish (that) you could fly?
I wish I spoke Japanese.

I wish she had come
last day.
I wish you had n ’t said that.

Michael Swan – 632, wish

noun + verbing

noun + P.P.

#Proverb | Saying | idiom | Slang |
Better a Live Coward Than a Dead Hero


if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging“.

x coupled with y
Reading coupled with listening will help your fluency.

x can pave the way for or s.o.
Their unique approach paved the way for an extraordinary leap into the deep earth.

#Pet Phrase | Catch Phrase
Bingo! interjection, exclamation
Bingo! That’s the one I’ve been looking for.
URNAN Dictionary
3rd Entry

#Photo Dictionary
OXFORD Photo-Dictionary – Public Transportation

#Topic | Article
What question you will ask a famous person? 185 Questions and Answers Topic 91, P. 257

expresses appreciation for something that was done. Business Letters for busy people, P. 66

The Sound of Silence

Extra 4, E17

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