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On this page, we focus on some Terms, Grammar tips, Etymology Analysis, Proverbs, idioms, Slang, Sayings, Quotes, Patterns, Pet Phrases, Topics, Articles, Letters, Music and Drama for the week.

General Practitioner (GP) BrE; Physician, AmE
Specialist -> Paediatrics /ˌpiːdiˈætrɪks/ AmE: Pediatrics

Paedophile /ˈpiːdəfaɪl/ AmE: Pedophile

Do you mind the smell of tobacco?’ ‘Not at all.’
Do you mind if we leave a bit earlier today?
I don’t mind if you use my car.
Do you
mind waiting a few minutes? (NOT … to wait …)
I don’t
mind you coming in late if you don’t wake me up.
Would you mind opening the window? (= Please open …)
Would you mind if I opened the window?
Do you mind my smoking? (More informal: … me smoking? or … if I smoke?)
‘No, please do / that’s OK / sure’
I don’t mind what the children
do after they leave home.

Classmates => dispute, argument, quarrel, controversy, altercation, row, brawl Related => boundary disputes, a controversial issue, debate

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The red carpet
a very special welcome given to an important visitor: My father gets the red carpet treatment wherever he goes.

” Patience is the key to success”

x has it that
Management has it that.
History has it that those who denied learning from the past will repeat it. Sociology, Economics.

#Pet Phrase
Oh, yeah!
Tell it to the marines.

#Photo Dictionary
OXFORD Photo-Dictionary – Kitchen

#Topic | Article
Highways or public transportation? 185 Questions and Answers Topic 19 – P.69, 70

Delinquent Reply – This letter is used to remind a customer who has not responded to a recent letter. Extremely Delinquent Reply – This letter is used when a customer has not responded after a long period of time. Business Letters for busy people P.43, 44

No Face No Name No Number – Modern Talking –

Extra 4, E17

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the sky’s the limit

[spoken] used to say that there is no limit to what someone can achieve, spend, win etc:
Francis believes the sky’s the limit for the young goalkeeper.

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