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hysterics | hysterical | hysterically | to be in hysterics
She went into hysterics when she heard about her husband.
Mum’d have hysterics if she knew what you’d done.
The audience was in hysterics.

Good night, Robert. Sleep tight!
Unlike some other Internet sites, when you buy from us, you can sleep easy.
The villa sleeps four. spleeps x.

: to have enough beds for a particular number of people
fall asleep
go to sleep
get to sleep

pneum- form Greek pneuma==> air, breath, spirit
pneumonia /njuːˈməʊniə/
pneumatic drill
tuberculosis /tjuːˌbɜːkjəˈləʊsəs/; plural tuberculoses
consumptionTB ≈ Phthisis
corona: crown
Corona: a type of Mexcian beer

eclipse; lunar eclipse; solar eclipse

respiration n.
respiratory /rɪˈspɪrətəri/ adj.
respiratory system
respiratory disease
respiratory therapy

edible/ˈedəbəl/; eatable

consort n.
con’sort v.
con’sortium n.
consortia; consortiums plural n.


love for
a mother’s love for her child

therapy /ˈθerəpi/
therapist /ˈθerəpəst/

talk with a lisp
she has a lisp
she lisps
to stammer
Whenever he was angry, he would begin to stammer slightly.
stammer n.
Jeff spoke with a slight stammer.

to stutter
he stuttered.
stutter n.
a nervous stutter

In her hurry, she stumbled and spilt the milk all over the floor.
I hope I don’t stumble over any of the long words.

spill, spilt, spilt, spills, spilling
AmE: spilled

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