The Good Student

Sue left her dormitory early that morning. She had even washed her uniform the night before. She wanted to look nice for the day.

Sue was committed to learning, and she had a talent for getting good grades. In fact, Sue didn’t sleep much. She composed a paper and found the perfect thesis about the importance of greenhouses. She also studied for her physics test. Sue was already tired.

During the test, she calculated her answers. Soon, she felt sick. Her face got hot, and her vision began to blur. She was blind for a moment. The teacher saw Sue’s apparent sickness. He wanted to send her to the nurse. But she wouldn’t go. Sue still had a portion of the test to finish.

After that, Sue went to the nurse. After seeing the secretary, she waited. A few minutes later, the nurse came in with a glass of juice and told Sue they needed to chat. “ It is obvious that you have exhausted yourself,” the nurse said. “ If you keep working so hard, it could have severe results.”

“My parents tell me that all the time. I guess I shouldn’t ignore them,” Sue said.

“You have to remind yourself it is OK to rest,” the nurse said.

When Sue got back to her room, she went right to bed. She made sure she got enough rest every night after that.


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