The First Peacock

Argos lived in Ancient Greece. He was a husband and a proud father. He worked hard and did well at his job. But one thing about him wasn’t normal. He was born with 100 eyes. Having many eyes was usually a benefit to him. He had a chance to see many things.

Also, since he had so many eyes, he was very good at guarding things. While sleeping, he only rested a few eyes at a time. The others stayed awake. He worked for Hera, a great goddess. His primary function was to guard a special cow. The cow was very important to Hera. It was her favourite pet. The most essential part of his job was to keep the cow alone. It had to be kept separate from all the other cows and far away from people.

This was an easy job for Argos. The cow just ate grass all day. But the god Zeus wanted the cow. He wanted to take it away from Hera. He had a plan. He found a great music player. He asked the man to play a beautiful song for Argos. Zeus was certain Argos would go to sleep.

The song had an immediate effect. Argos couldn’t focus on his job. He fell asleep. Zeus saw this, and he took the cow.

Hera was very angry with Argos. She turned him into a peacock. She put his many eyes on his tail. Argos was very sad.

Zeus saw how much trouble he had caused Argos. He made another plan. He turned Argos into a group of stars. He wanted Argos to remain in the sky forever. Even today, Argos’ image remains there, above the site where all his problems began. We can still see him in the night sky.


A benefit is a good thing.
Being able to fly is a good benefit to birds.

If you are certain about something, you know it is true.
I am certain that zebras have stripes.

A chance is an opportunity to do something.
I had a chance to see the Roman Coliseum last summer.

An effect is a change made by something else.
The medicine had a good effect on the boy.

If something is essential, it is very important and necessary.
It is essential to have oxygen when you scuba dive.

If something is far, it is not close.
It’s far going from the east coast to the west coast of America.

To focus on something is to think about it and pay attention to it.
My mom always helps me to focus on my school work.

The function of something is what it does.
The function of a flashlight is to help you see in the dark.

Grass is the green leaves that cover the ground.
The grass looked so soft and green.

To guard something is to take care of it.
The police officer will guard us from any harm.

The image of something is a picture of it.
The image of her eye was very clear.

If something is immediate, it happens quickly.
An immediate response came from the pizza place.

If something is primary, it is the most important thing.
His primary thoughts are about money.

If someone feels proud, they are happy about what they have done.
She is proud of the picture she drew of her house.

To remain somewhere is to stay there.
My sister had to remain home since she was sick.

To rest is to stop being active while the body gets back its strength.
I rested on the couch after work.

If two things are separate, they are not together.
New York and Los Angeles are in two separate parts of America.

A site is a place.
We found the perfect site for our picnic.

A tail is a part of an animal’s body, sticking out from its rear or back.
Our dog wags its tail when it’s happy.

Trouble is a problem or a difficulty.
I have trouble working with my boss.

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