Meat and Poultry

This dialogue provides most of the basic questions you'll need to know when going to a restaurant alone: 

Waitperson: Hi. How are you doing this afternoon?
Customer: Fine, thank you.
Can I see a menu, please?
Waitperson: Certainly, here you are.
Customer: Thank you. What's today's special?
Waitperson: Roasted beef plus french fries.
Customer: That sounds good. I'll have that.
Waitperson: Would you like something to drink?
Customer: Yes, I'd like a coke.
Waitperson: Thank you.
(returning with the food) Here you are. Enjoy your meal!
Customer: Thank you.
Waitperson: Can I get you anything else?
Customer: No thanks. I'd like the check, please.
Waitperson: That'll be $14.95.
Customer: Here you are. Keep the change!
Waitperson: Thank you! Have a good day!
Customer: Goodbye.


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