I can describe ways of saying things

Sample Sentences:

My headteacher treats me like a child: she’s always talking down to me. I shouldn’t have mentioned Paul’s girlfriend; I think I put my foot in it. Meg gets things across clearly – and she’s the only person who talks sense around here.

My teacher’s got a very quiet voice; I wish he’d spoken up. My aunt’s very direct and always speaks her mind, but at least she never talks about people behind their backs. My daughter answers me back when I’m annoyed with her. I’m always telling her off for being so cheeky! My sister talks non-stop! You can’t get a word in edgeways.



talk down to sb
: talk to sb as if they are less intelligent or important than you.

put your foot in it
: INF say or do sth that makes sb embarrassed or upset.

get sth across (to sb)
: succeed in making sb understand sth.

talk sense
: to say things that are sensible and correct.
OPP talk nonsense.

speak up
: speak more loudly.

speak your mind
: to say exactly what you think in a very direct way.

behind sb’s back
: without sb knowing about it. OPP to sb’s face.

answer (sb) back
: to reply rudely to sb who has more authority than you.

tell sb off (for sth / for doing sth)
: INF speak angrily to sb for doing sth wrong.

not get a word in edgeways
: not be able to say anything because sb else is talking too much.