Henry Ford’s Famous Car

My name is Henry Ford, and I invented a car called the Model T. I used to watch carriages on the streets. They fascinated me. Then I got a job as a junior mechanic. My father criticized me. He wanted me to run the farm. But I did not shift my plans.

Then I worked for the Detroit Auto Company. But I wanted to make cars using less labor. That way, there would be fewer expenses. I started the Ford Motor Company in 1903. At first, the company did not do well. But many people were betting on my success. I also had a sincere aim to make a car that anybody could buy.

Then, in 1908,1 introduced the Model-T in a formal ceremony. It confirmed that I was right: it was possible to build a car my way!

The Model T differed from other vehicles. Workers could attach different parts for cars or trucks. This saved time. One Model T could be put together in 93 minutes. All of them had the same classic design. They were all the same size and height. The prime reason for doing this was to save money.

Over 19 years, I sold over 15 million Model Ts. This sent a signal to other companies. People would buy cars to commute to work if the price was low enough.


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