Over 20 million Americans are drug and/or alcohol addicted. Prescription drug addiction keeps rising at an alarming rate. Now, one company is using a new technology to help treat alcohol and drug addictions.

Hayver is launching the Duitcoin, a cryptocurrency, to treat addicts through peer-to-peer monitoring apps and crypto-rewards.

The company was co-founded by John M. Copenhaver, M.D., a physician who has struggled with his own drug and alcohol addiction. Dr Copenhaver talked about his journey in a whitepaper:

I have co-founded Hayver as a result of my personal struggle with alcohol and opiate addiction. For fifteen years, I was constantly in and out of treatment programs and rarely stayed sober. I’m a physician and I scoured the world literature searching for evidence-based, well-designed studies in the medical journals for what works for improving chances for long-term sobriety. What I found was alarming. Physicians and other licensed professionals have around a 78% chance of being abstinent from drugs and alcohol after five years, but the rest of the general population have around a 5% chance of abstinence. Statistically, they don’t stand a chance.

Accountability monitoring: checking in daily, with the random possibility of being urine tested that day. It’s the psychological deterrence that works.

The company is attacking addiction with a twofold approach: With software and with digital currency that could be used to offer rewards and incentives as addicts set about on their paths to sobriety.

Hayver issued this statement:

In 2017, Hayver Corp. released the Hayver Recovery APP, a peer-to-peer drug and alcohol monitoring app. This app currently costs less than $50 per month and is already in use in multiple states.

Hayver believes this app will improve the drug and alcohol treatment industry by using affordable, data-driven methods to improve recovery outcomes and reduce relapse. Hayver is now poised to address the worldwide addiction problem at a deeper level. It is launching a cryptocurrency, the Duitcoin.

unable to stop taking a harmful substance, especially a drug:
By the age of 14 he was addicted to heroin.

a piece of paper on which a doctor writes the details of the medicine or drugs that someone needs:
a doctor's prescription

to use drugs, exercises, etc. to cure a person of a disease or heal an injury:
He is being treated for a rare skin disease.

to begin something such as a plan or introduce something new such as a product:
The scheme was launched a year ago.

something given in exchange for good behaviour or good work, etc:
There's a reward for whoever finishes first.

to bring something into existence:
York was founded by the Romans in the year 71 AD.

a medical doctor, especially one who has general skill and is not a surgeon

to experience difficulty and make a very great effort in order to do something:
I've been struggling to understand this article all afternoon.

A whitepaper is a report on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution

a drug which contains opium, especially one which causes sleep

not often:
We rarely see each other now.

not drunk or affected by alcohol:
Are you sober enough to drive, Jim?

clean or brighten the surface of something by rubbing it hard:
she scoured the cooker

to not do something, especially something enjoyable that you think might be bad:
He took a vow to abstain from alcohol.

Someone who is accountable is completely responsible for what they do and must be able to give a satisfactory reason for it:
She is accountable only to the managing director.

the yellowish liquid waste which is released from the body when you go to the toilet

to prevent or discourage someone from doing something by making it difficult for them to do it or by threatening bad results if they do it:
These measures are designed to deter an enemy attack.

not expensive:
nice clothes at affordable prices

describes someone who is so determined to achieve something or be successful that all their behaviour is directed towards this aim:
Like most of the lawyers that I know, Rachel is driven.

If someone who is getting better after an illness has a relapse, they become ill again:
She was looking quite healthy on Friday, but she suffered a relapse over the weekend and was taken back into hospital.

showing very calm and controlled behaviour

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