A Gentleman Creditor

Mr Robinson never went to a dentist, because he was afraid, but then his teeth began hurting a lot, and he went to a dentist.

The dentist did a lot of work in his mouth for a long time. On the last day, Mr Robinson said to him, ‘How much is all this work going to cost?’ The dentist said, ‘Twenty-Five pounds,’ but he did not ask him for the money.

After a month Mr Robinson phoned the dentist and said, ‘You haven’t asked me for any money for your work last month.’

‘Oh,’ the dentist answered, ‘I never ask a gentleman for Money.’

‘Then how do you live?’ Mr Robinson asked.

‘Most gentlemen pay me quickly,’ the dentist said, ‘but some don’t. I wait for my money for two months, and then I say, “That man isn’t a gentleman,” and then I ask him for my money.

Reference: Steps to Understanding

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