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Extra 28

significant | sufficient | susceptible | substantial

fair-weather friend | save some for rainy days

to spoil | spoil | to indulge | to overindulge | indulgent (=> parents) | to overdo | overdue | (overt) overtly

His bark is worse than his bite.

time’s a great healer. also time heals (all wounds)

a man of learning, a voracious reader.
Kiss one’s ass, bootlicker
Would you excuse us?
Air someone out.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
All set.
Passport to heaven, pussy
spit it out
guilty parties
The Oak Room
Crisp, clean dollars
Right away
See no evil, hear no evil
stand up and face the music
I’m rusty.
keep your promisewelsh; welch
give the ultimatums
spare yourself ≈ save your life
Scent of a Woman


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