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On this page, we focus on some Terms, Grammar tips, Etymology Analysis, Proverbs, idioms, Slang, Sayings, Quotes, Patterns, Pet Phrases, Topics, Articles, Letters, Music and Drama.


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Her uncle suggested that she (should) get a job in a bank.
Her uncle suggested getting a job in a bank.
Can you suggest a restaurant to us?
Her uncle suggests that she gets a job in a bank.
He suggested that she got a job in a bank.
He suggests that she should get a job in a bank.
He suggested that she should get a job in a bank.
He suggested that she get a job in a bank.
I suggest (that) you get ….

suggest sth for you
This accounting technique is suggesting for use in health care programs

recommend, suggest, advise, ask, insist, request, and demand
that-clause + infinitive without to





literally | figuratively
He’s my son, in the figurative sense of the word.
The name of the cheese is Dolcelatte, literally meaning ‘sweet milk’.

take somebody/something literally to believe exactly what someone or something says rather than trying to understand their general meaning: She takes the Bible literally.
to emphasize, especially a large number: The Olympic Games were watched by literally billions of people.
spoken used to emphasize a strong expression or word that is not in its real or original meaning. Some people consider this use to be incorrect: Dad was literally blazing with anger.



of all + plural noun, I’m up for
Of all the methods for learning a new language, I’m up for the shadowing technique.


Proverb | Saying | idiom | Slang

at liberty
You are at libery to go or stay.
I am not at liberty to say if the rumour is true.
a former perisoner who is now at liberty

take liberties with someone or something
make free with someone or something
you are familiar with me, One might think you were taking liberties with me.
I don’t like it wehn you make free with my car. You should at least ask when you want to borrow it.

take the liberty of doing something
May I take the liberty of removing your coat



Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.

Khalil Gabran


Photo Dictionary

Oxford Photo-Dictionary: Cars and Trucks


Topic | Article

Should one judge a person by external appearances?
185 Questions and Answers: Topic 54, P. 171-172



expresses appreciation for something that was done. Business Letters for busy people, P. 66



The Other Woman – Sherwood Anderson



Never Google Your Symptoms – Henrik Widegren

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