Unreal Situations

تو نباید با بچه‌ات اون‌طوری رفتار می‌کردی
You shouldn’t have treated your child like that.

اونا می‌تونستن یه کس دیگه‌ای رو استخدام کنند
They could have employed someone else.

ممکن بود اونو بکشی
You might have killed her.

لزومی نداشت حقیقت رو به بابات بگی
You needn’t have told your mum the truth.

من صبح خونه نبودم و الاّ (وگرنه) اتاقت رو تمیز می‌کردم
I wasn’t home this morning otherwise I would have cleaned your room.

Why did you kill the man? You needn’t have done it.

We’d been given free tickets, so we luckily didn’t need to pay to get in.