Song For A Stormy Night

The rain beats hard at my window
While you, so softly do sleep
And you can’t hear the cold wind blow
You are sleeping so deep

Outside it’s dark, the moon hiding
By starlight only I see
The host of the night-time go riding
But you are safe here with me
So, while the world out there is sleeping
And everyone wrapped up so tight
Oh, I am here a vigil keeping
On this stormy night
I promised I always would love you
If skies would be grey or be blue
I whisper this prayer now above you
That there will always be you
Sometimes, we’re just like the weather
Changing by day after day
As long as we’ll be together
Storms will pass away
I said I would guard and protect you
And keep you free from all harm
And if life should ever reject you
That love would weather each storm

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