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Hi, I’m Neil. Thanks for joining me on English at Work – a new series of programmes set in an office, full of top tips to help you learn some useful business language which you could use in the workplace. In the next few minutes you can join me on an introductory tour around one of London’s biggest imitation plastic fruit manufacturers, called Tip Top Trading. We’re going to hear from some of the employees that work so hard to keep the business running smoothly. So come on then! Let’s step into the office and eavesdrop on Tip Top Trading’s possible newest recruit. I say ‘possible’ because she is still being interviewed for the job of Sales Executive…

Step 1: Transcribe
Step 2: Check

top tips
excellent; perfect: I try and keep in tip-top shape by exercising every day. Even though our house is in tip-top condition, we're having problems selling it.

a building or room where people perform their jobs, or these places generally: The survey asks workers about facilities in their workplace. safety standards in the workplace

adjective form of introduce
to speak or write before the beginning of a programme or book and give information about its contents

made to look like something else: an imitation leather watch-strap | It's not real silk - it's just imitation.

noun form of manufacture
to produce goods in large numbers, usually in a factory using machines

to listen to someone's private conversation without them knowing: He was eavesdropping on our conversation.

Tip Top Trading
name of a manufacturer in BBC English at Work series

when goods and/or services are bought and sold; the buying and selling of shares and money: She doesn't approve of Sunday trading (= shops being open on Sunday). The stock market moved ahead slightly in active trading today.

apart from
except for or not considering: He works until nine o'clock every evening, and that's quite apart from the work he does over the weekend. Apart from the salary/Salary apart, it's not a bad job. Apart from you and me/You and me apart, I don't think there was anyone there under thirty. 

superlative adjective of fast-growing
increasing in size at a rapid rate: the fast-growing organic food market

a useful or valuable quality, skill or person: He'll be a great asset to the team. Her eyes are her best asset (= most attractive feature). Knowledge of languages is a real asset in this sort of work.

badly planned and lacking order:The whole conference was totally disorganized - nobody knew what they were supposed to be doing.

a set of television or radio broadcasts on the same subject or using the same characters but in different situations: The footballer Paul Gascoigne is to host a Channel 4 television series on soccer skills. a comedy series
a number of similar or related events or things, one following another: There has been a series of sexual attacks on women in the area.

a set of books published by the same company which deal with the same subject: They do a series on architecture throughout the ages.

not joking or intended to amuse: Please don't laugh - I'm being serious. He was wearing a very serious expression and I knew something was wrong.

when someone says that something is wrong or not satisfactory: We've received a complaint from one of our listeners about offensive language. I've made a complaint (= formally complained) to the police about the noise. We've had complaints that you've been playing your radio too loud. Do you have any grounds for complaint (= reason to formally complain)?
able to make you believe that something is true or right: a convincing argument/explanation | convincing evidence |  I didn't find the ending of the film very convincing.
to make someone aware of a possible danger or problem, especially one in the future: We were warned not to eat the fish which might give us a slight stomach upset.  Have you warned them (that) there will be an extra person for dinner?  I was warned against/off going to the east coast because it was so full of tourists.
connected with relationships between people:
The successful applicant will have excellent interpersonal skills.

list of the times when events are planned to happen
Do you have a Birmingham to London train timetable that I could borrow?

to arrange that an event or activity will happen at a particular time:
The meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. 
Step 4: Keep

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