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spade/shovel | spades | hearts | diamonds | clubs | standard French deck | playing cards (suit) | several pips | the rank of each card| face cards | jokers | Ace | King | Queen | Jack | shuffle the cards | dealer | cut the cards (make the cut)



Her uncle suggested that she (should) get a job in a bank.
Her uncle suggested getting a job in a bank.
Can you suggest a restaurant to us?
Her uncle suggests that she gets a job in a bank.
He suggested that she got a job in a bank.
He suggests that she should get a job in a bank.
He suggested that she should get a job in a bank.
He suggested that she get a job in a bank.
I suggest (that) you get ….

suggest sth for you
This accounting technique is suggesting for use in health care programs

recommend, suggest, advise, ask, insist, request, and demand
that-clause + infinitive without to





puppy | platonic | unrequited | unconditional love



of all + plural noun, I’m up for
Of all the methods for learning a new language, I’m up for the shadowing technique.


Proverb | Saying | idiom | Slang

call a spade a spade
black as the ace of spades
cocky as the king of spades
in spades
spade sth up (garden)



People who believe a problem can be solved tend to get busy solving it.

William Raspberry


Photo Dictionary

Oxford Photo-Dictionary: Traffic Signs

Oxford Photo-Dictionary: Directions and Maps


Topic | Article

Should one judge a person by external appearances?
185 Questions and Answers: Topic 54, P. 171-172



expresses appreciation for something that was done. Business Letters for busy people, P. 66



The Other Woman – Sherwood Anderson



Read my name… Chris De Burgh

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