The Pleasure of Learning English

An impressive quote from Alfred Mercier on education led us to devise a way to learn English with pleasure. It works based on joy and entertainment and brings contentment to both the learners and educators.

What we learn with pleasure we never forget

Join us and
Learn English with Joy


The most important thing that set you apart from other teachers is your true love and motivation for teaching. I appreciate your effort. Indeed, you spend a lot of time for your student without any expectation, and I am sure anyone who knows you even a little bit, they have realized that you focus all your attention to boost learners’ level of knowledge.
I just can say, I was very lucky to meet you.


I always thought private classes are boring. Nevertheless not only is my class enjoyable, but also it is completely interesting and beneficial since I can make great communication with my teacher. It makes me feel comfortable to speak without any stress and followed by that speaking I can find my mistakes.
The main ground that I extremely enjoy the class is that I can work on my weak points hence I am taught grammar. Without any doubt because of my teachers’s flexibility, nothing is bothering me; hence I can tell my problems easily.


Most people don’t know how to enjoy their moments. We need to find our interests in our lives. Mr Azimi generates a high level of motivation in his students.
Thank you for being part of my journey. Meeting you is my pleasure.


I’ve always been watching English movies and I knew some words, simple sentences and a little grammar but I couldn’t speak English at all. After I had attended some courses I found my confidence to speak and chat with my guests and friends from all over the world. Of course, I learned words, grammar and some other things but, when I think about our class the first thing I like is the ability to communicate with other people.

One of my main problems to get any class is I can’t stay anywhere for a long time, so I couldn’t have a routine plan. The online class is very good for me because I can have my class anywhere.


What I like most about our English class is that I have learned grammar in a different creative way. I have had many problems with grammar since I started learning English. Indeed, my course has not only organized my knowledge but also improve it. Usually attending an English class makes me bored but Mr Azimi’s class encourages me to continue and I really appreciate his efforts.


My experience after years of learning English such as talking with tourists, watching movies and reading a lot of articles caused to realize I need an experienced English teacher, so I started with Mr Abbas. He increases my stage a lot with perfect methods.

He teaches in both the classroom environment and online with good quality.


This is not a recommendation but a message of salvation!
We failed, although most of us have put a lot of effort into learning English! I realised that it happened because we hadn’t met our teacher yet! Fortunately, I finally found one of the best, Mr Azimi.
He understands us in class and his dedication is appreciable. He always brings a proactive and motivational mood. If you want to get the best results, then you have to increase your energy level and sense his enthusiasm! In the class, we have to forget the world and concentrate because each and every sentence would teach us something!


He is fluent in English and familiar with teaching techniques. I’ve had classes with him and the latest level was intermediate. His most important features are being patient, hardworking and being on-time. Also, if you do not attend classes, you can have online classes, which I attend online for a month.

I could have online classes from home easily without any interruption. In my opinion, his online classes have as high-quality as real classes and were better for me because my home was far and I preferred having class at my place, in front of my smartphone.


One year ago, when I started my English class, I couldn’t speak or write. Now, I’m thrilled when I can talk to people and write to my friends in English. The most important feature of my class is “being practical”.

It means I practise everything that I learn in my life quite quickly. When my class changed to online, it continued in every social condition and went on even on my trips. Attending online courses also caused me to be able to reduce my expenses, to manage my time and energy effectively.


There are different methods to learn and teach English and every teacher has an individual style.

When I started my course, I couldn’t realize a simple sentence right, but now, after 6 months, I have the bravery to read English articles or news. I found the courage to write comments or speak with friends in English without any fear or dread.

Although my efforts are important, teachers like Mr Azimi play an essential role. I think the most definite difference of his classes in comparison to others that I’ve participated until now is “the practical learning”. In other words, we learn not only grammar but also their usage in real life. He has a dream of educating natural English and I think it is very important.

Another points or advantages of this class are the patience of the teacher, being on time, learning with fun and pleasure and preventing weary methods.

Mo Nazemi

Mr. Azimi’s enthusiasm for teaching is remarkable. He is one of the most creative teachers that I have ever had. He doesn’t follow the same teaching routine for all of his students. He considers your skills, your abilities, your desires, and your capabilities and adjusts his teaching methodology based on them. I can say for sure that he is the best English teacher that I’ve ever had.


We all have tried different English teachers and English institutes, but we couldn’t get connected with them. But in Mr. Azimi’s classes, you would find the environment different, and you would learn English with pleasure. He chooses his teaching method based on each of his students separately. I always went to his classes with a passion for learning. His classes are my best memories of learning English.


Mr Azimi likes teaching and learning English, the best Language in the world. He sometimes holds online sessions on WhatsApp and Skype. As an English student, I attended an online course too. An online class is a good opportunity to learn at your desk, in your comfortable place. I tried it a couple of times and was fond of practising like this.