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On this page, we focus on some Terms, Grammar tips, Etymology Analysis, Proverbs, idioms, Slang, Sayings, Quotes, Patterns, Pet Phrases, Topics, Articles, Letters, Music and Drama.


instinct | intimate | imitate | Mercedes /mɜːˈseɪdiz | merchant | merchandise | merchandising | The merchant of Venice | dwarf (dwarfs/dwarves) | fable | napoleon | righteous | Beauty and the beast | Snow White and Seven Dwarfs (dwarves) | deed | demeanour | Go hand in hand |


Phrasal Verbs

fall down | get off | get out | get up | go back | go in | go into | go off | keep down | lay down | move down | move up | run-in (not in the book) | run into | run on | run out | sit down | stand up | turn back | phase |


would v.s used to
I used to smoke.
I wasn’t used to driving a big car. (= Driving a big car was a new and difficult experience – I hadn’t done it before.)
What did people use(d) to do in the evenings before TV?
I didn’t use(d) to like opera, but now I do.
I usedn’t to like opera.
I used to have an old Rolls-Royce,
Sometimes he used to / would bring me little presents without saying why.
When she was old, she used to / would sit in the corner talking to herself for hours.





Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice


deprive someone of something
deny someone something


Proverb | Saying | idiom | Slang

Don’t be the salesman who promises the world and then fails to deliver anything.  



My life has been blessed with some wonderful people. Thank you for being part of my journey.


Photo Dictionary

Oxford Photo-Dictionary: Buying and Maintaining a Car


Topic | Article

185 Questions and Answers: Topic 55 Decision



A cover/sales letter to an existing client, this letter instils a sense of client support from the writer Business Letters for busy people.



4000 Essential English Words :The Two Captains



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