6 – Technology

CD1 Track 38

What do you use the Internet for?
Does everyone have access to the Internet in your country?
Do you think older people are scared of new technology?
Do you think young children should have mobile phones?

What do you use the Internet for?
I mainly use the Internet to read newspapers and news items, mostly about sport. I also use it to do a bit of research on things to do and things to see at the weekends. I do a bit of internet shopping, like booking flights and accommodation for my holidays.

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Collins Vocabulary for IELTS – Revision 1

CD1 Track 17

1- It’s definitely a bacterium and not a virus that’s caused your inflammation, so I’m going to prescribe a course of antibiotics.

2- I suggest that over the next six months you follow a reduced-calorie diet and exercise for 30 minutes three times a week. Come and see me in four weeks’ time and we’ll see how you’re getting on.

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CD1 Track 30

My mother tongue is Hungarian. It is spoken in Hungary and it is a minority language in the surrounding countries, especially Romania. It is not part of the same language family as European languages like English, French, German or Russian. It is a Uralic language, distantly related to Finnish and Estonian. Because Hungarian is not a widely spoken language, if you want to get on, you have to speak a foreign language. Unsurprisingly, the most popular second language among Hungarians is English, the global language. Like most of my friends, I am multilingual- as well as Hungarian, I am fluent in English and German. I can also get by in Italian and I did an evening course in Spanish a few years back, but I’m a bit rusty now. I seem to pick up languages quite easily, helped, I’m sure, by the fact that language teaching in Hungary is so good – it has to be, given that no-one speaks our language but us!

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Global warming

CD1 Track 14

Hurricanes have heavy rains and are therefore more likely to cause floods. Droughts occur when there is a lack of rainfall.

Hurricanes and typhoons are both violent storms that develop over water. If the storm develops in the Atlantic or Caribbean it is referred to as a hurricane. If it develops in the Pacific, it is known as a typhoon.

The largest glaciers in the world are found in the polar ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland. Glaciers are also found in mountains. A current is a steady flowing movement of air or water.

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